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What Chicken is in Your Pot?

Over 50 farmers gathered at the St. Norbert Community Centre on November 1 to hear Wayne Hiltz, executive director of the Manitoba Chicken Producers, present the new Annual Specialty Quota Program announced in September. The new program is designed to serve niche markets in the province with fresh Manitoba raised chicken year round. This is […]

Supply Management 2.0

Supply Management is broken. The system has forgotten its original mandate to protect both farmers and eaters. It now benefits the small number of large farms who control Supply Management – while making it difficult for smaller farms to survive, and eaters to access local foods. But it can be fixed. Click on the reports […]

FEAST Progress Report

FEAST (Farmers and Eaters Actively Sharing the Table) has been working over the last few months to build a network of farmers, processors, farmers market managers, fishers, hunters, chefs, eaters, etc. who have concerns about food regulations in Manitoba. The current focus of our work is on the upcoming changes to provincial food safety regulations […]

Time to Move Beyond the Generalities

On Friday October 18, a group of Manitoba Agriculture Food and Rural Initiatives (MAFRI) representatives, farmers and industry representatives sat down to discuss issues of food safety and regulations with small farmers and food producers. While this meeting is quite readily attributable to the Real Manitoba Food Fight campaign that followed the raid on the […]

Food Fights and Beating Up Straw Men

Local versus global. Technology versus tradition. Urban versus rural. How many times have you seen these kinds of oversimplified divisions in debates over the future of food and farming? I would argue, ‘too many.’ In widely circulated editorial on October 3, Cam Dahl claimed that “misguided cityfolk” promoting local, organic and natural food are wanting, […]

Experts and the Food Safety Trump Card

I am troubled by how Manitoba Agriculture Food and Rural Initiatives staff and food safety experts are using food safety as a trump card to shut down an important conversation about how we can both protect the public and also support small, independent farmers and food processors. The response, from MAFRI and food safety experts, […]

Looking back to look forward

The drama surrounding the Cavers farm and their small scale processing business continues. I’ve been close to the Cavers following the inspection (better known as ‘the raid’) of their on-farm meat processing facility. We’ve formed a network of supporters to find a silver lining. Much damage has been done to the Cavers’ reputation and to […]

Muddying the Waters. Experts, Citizens and Food Sovereignty. A Commentary/Analysis

Yesterday, I listened with some friends to Rick Holley, a food scientist from the University of Manitoba who commented on the disputed raid on Harborside Farms. I first wanted to thank Marilyn Maki and CBC Radio Noon for bringing Rick onto the show. They posted the audio online. It is very important to draw on […]

Farmers and Eaters Actively Sharing the Table (FEAST!)

On Friday, September 13th, farmers and other food provisioners, retailers, restaurateurs, and eaters will be getting together to discuss regulatory problems in Manitoba and you’re invited! It has become clear after the seizure of meat at Harbourside Farm, from a series of workshops held in rural Manitoba over the last year, and a workshop at […]

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