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FEAST Progress Report

FEAST (Farmers and Eaters Actively Sharing the Table) has been working over the last few months to build a network of farmers, processors, farmers market managers, fishers, hunters, chefs, eaters, etc. who have concerns about food regulations in Manitoba. The current focus of our work is on the upcoming changes to provincial food safety regulations […]

Farmers and Eaters Actively Sharing the Table (FEAST!)

On Friday, September 13th, farmers and other food provisioners, retailers, restaurateurs, and eaters will be getting together to discuss regulatory problems in Manitoba and you’re invited! It has become clear after the seizure of meat at Harbourside Farm, from a series of workshops held in rural Manitoba over the last year, and a workshop at […]

Background on Harborside Farms

Below is a brief timeline describing what has happened at Harborside Farms. Small farm owners Pam and Clint Cavers opened their meat shop in September 2007 and began researching prosciutto and other cured meats a year later in November of 2008. They produced this dried meat, and others including capicollo, Lonzino, salumi, and soppressata which […]

Petition is now live

Write a letter asking MAFRI to return the meat that was confiscated from the Cavers on August 28th and to work with small scale producers like the Cavers to come up with better regulations for farms of this size. Sign it here

Press release and teaser video

  Surprise Raid By Manitoba Agriculture Seizes Small Family Farm’s Prize-Winning Specialty Meat   ~ Press Release ~ September 3rd, 2013 Small farm owners Pam and Clint Cavers had the surprise of their lives on Wednesday, August 28th, when MAFRI (Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives) staff showed up at their property in order to […]

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