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Food Fights and Beating Up Straw Men

Local versus global. Technology versus tradition. Urban versus rural. How many times have you seen these kinds of oversimplified divisions in debates over the future of food and farming? I would argue, ‘too many.’ In widely circulated editorial on October 3, Cam Dahl claimed that “misguided cityfolk” promoting local, organic and natural food are wanting, […]

Experts and the Food Safety Trump Card

I am troubled by how Manitoba Agriculture Food and Rural Initiatives staff and food safety experts are using food safety as a trump card to shut down an important conversation about how we can both protect the public and also support small, independent farmers and food processors. The response, from MAFRI and food safety experts, […]

Muddying the Waters. Experts, Citizens and Food Sovereignty. A Commentary/Analysis

Yesterday, I listened with some friends to Rick Holley, a food scientist from the University of Manitoba who commented on the disputed raid on Harborside Farms. I first wanted to thank Marilyn Maki and CBC Radio Noon for bringing Rick onto the show. They posted the audio online. It is very important to draw on […]

Fundraising breakfast – all local food – prepared by Alexander Svenne (Bistro 7 1/4) and The Young Chefs

Update: $15 for adults, $10 for kids. We are organizing a fundraising breakfast at the Harvest Moon Festival. Almost all of the food will be donated by farmers involved in the Harvest Moon Local food Initiative and we’l be featuring some of Clint/Pams pork products. Alex Svenne from Bistro 7 1/4 and the Young Chefs […]

Is this really “Normal Procedure”?

I was the instructor of the UofM students who were at Clint and Pam Cavers farm near Pilot Mound, MB when MAFRI inspectors came to “seize and destroy” their stock of cured meat last week. When we pulled out our cameras, the inspector became agitated and aggressively asked for our names, phone numbers and copies […]

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