We are a group of concerned citizens who are advocating for healthy local and sustainable food systems and family farms.

Based on a number of recent high profile examples, we are currently focused on how government in general, and systems of regulation in particular, are undermining the development of local food systems that are more economically, environmentally and socially sustainable.

We believe food safety is incredibly important but that the current provincial regulations need to be re-worked to better reflect societal demands for a better food future.

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Things You Can Do To Help

* Pause to give thanks for the hard working, creative folks (like the Cavers and others in your own area) who are passionate about providing their neighbours with the best food they and their farms can provide.

* If you know your MLA (if in Manitoba) or your MP, then write or call them to express your support for local food farmers in general - requesting immediate action to meet with farmers to develop regulations better suited to local food systems in Manitoba

* Sign up on our website or facebook and we'll send you a list of officials you can contact - along with examples of requests you can articulate.

* Email at least 3 of your friends to tell them about this story and point them to this website and our facebook page

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