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Please enjoy perusing the content on this website but know that this website is under construction. For more information regarding just and sustainable local food systems in Manitoba, please visit sharingthetablemanitoba.org.

The Real Manitoba Food Fight is a campaign of Sharing the Table Manitoba.

*June 2017 update


This is the website of the Real Manitoba Food Fight – a space where concerned citizens come together to mount collective challenges when governments and institutions undermine the development of just and sustainable local food systems.

The website was originally created by a group of students who were involved in a 10-day University of Manitoba travel course called Living Rural Communities and Environments to support and investigate the raid on the Cavers family farm.

The launch of the Real Manitoba Food Fight provided an opportunity for many concerned citizens and community organizations to support the Cavers family and more generally to address the barriers that confront families like the Cavers who work so hard to provide good, clean, healthy food for us. Since the Cavers incident has subsided, The Real Manitoba Food Fight has remained dormant but can be re-activated at anytime should the need arise. Stay tuned.



10 Responses to “About this website”

  1. As much as I believe that the Cavers were doing a wonderful thing for food in Manitoba, people need also to realize that the guy sent to confiscate, was just doing his job. he didn’t make the decision. he’ s not the evil one here

  2. Geo. Beaudry September 4, 2013 at 9:03 pm

    I have tried to leave a comment on your other page but without success.
    I have been a cameraman with Radio Canada and CBC news for 25 years and would happy to be invited into your class to comment in person about the raid on the Carver farm videos.
    Thank you

  3. I agree with Anonymous – it seems the inspectors were doing their jobs. Under pressure it is obvious that they may have made a few mistakes (i.e. asking for video footage to be deleted). I think is important to work through these things in a meaningful way as not to ostracize community members. It would be nice to see MAFRI present evidence that Cavers were still selling the product in question after they were told not to. Without this it is hard to know where to stand on the issue.

  4. I am sick to death of people “just doing their jobs”! what happened to humanity?? to dialogue?? Why could this not be handled in a diplomatic manner?
    SS officers in Germany just were ‘doing their jobs’! don’t use that as a reason to defend ‘bully’ behaviour!

  5. Your subscription process isn’t working. I tried.

    I would like the list of officials to contact, please contact me at jkswain@nlis.ca or 204-388-4978

  6. Veronica Hepburn October 2, 2013 at 3:36 pm

    I am interested in this group as it applies to all small farms that are being threatened. I can’t find the Facebook page so if someone could provide a link that would be great. Thanks

  7. As a consumer of local + organic foods, I will testify that we have purchased a pork that was raised and butchered by the Cavers. It was the nicest meat we have ever bought – from the pork itself, to the way it was butchered and packaged. I have confidence in the quality and the safety of their products.
    Sue @ Black Family Farm

  8. Thank you to this group for having the courage to point out that ‘the emperor is wearing no clothes’.

    Has there been any further movement in the organizing of those interested in getting government regulation that is useful not just obstructive and punitive?


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